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Microphones in the wild!

So I finally received my new Clippy mics and decided to do a test. I decided to leave super early at around 4:00 am to Jupiter creek goldfields in South Australia. I left early due to potential traffic noises and also to it being a popular spot for people gold fossicking. I had pretty low expectations but I believed it would be good to get outdoors.

I arrived and walked down the trail for about 30 mins and I saw a little dry creek and followed that for a while. I found a nice spot and started to set up everything……. oops I forgot an adapter for the tripod. I also had no tape so what to do? Stick it in a tree?

Finally setup, sounds good, hit record, and head back up the hill so I don’t interfere with the sound. I can hear some light vehicle noise and light breeze through the trees. As I get to my rest stop I notice some kangaroo’s and they are happily feeding on some grass.

Luckily no one was around in the morning, but there was a suprise none the less.

Here are some audio samples from the trip. For the best experience, please use headphones. PC speakers will still be ok. Audio samples are mp3 so no where near as clear as the original recording

Normal nature sounds

The first track is without any processing. The second is with a low shelf to reduce the low frequency rumble


Bonus track highlighting the current issues with noise pollution.


Overall I had a pretty good time. I can already see the challenges of getting some pure nature recordings. The equipment worked well, I just have to get a few things to aid the process. Hope you enjoyed this post.

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